Track List

New Beginning

Spanish Guitar

Test of Time featuring Range Da Messenga

F.U.(Fingers Up) featuring Blu

Another Day featuring Donel Smokes, Masta Ace

Help featuring Adanita Ross, Pearl Gates

Do Good featuring Chali 2na, Adanita Ross, Donel Smokes


Ambition featuring Queen Herawin, Stricklin, Signif

Believe featuring Pearl Gates



Wordsworth & Donel Smokes - New Beginning (LP)
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Record Label: Wordwide Communications

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Wordsworth, Brooklyn native, Lyricist Lounge Alum, 1/3 of the Hip-Hop group eMC (Masta Ace and Stricklin).

Donel Smokes, Los Angeles native, an M.C. also know for producing and mixing music for artist such as Blu, Chali 2na, and The Pharcyde, to name a few.

New beginning features Blu, Chali 2na, eMC group members Masta Ace and Stricklin, Queen Herawin of The JuggaKnots, Signif, Range Da Messenga, Adanita Ross, and the new comer Pearl Gates.