Track List


Sunshine & Power Lines

High On Your Love

Exception To The Rule

I'm Ready


You Know It's True (feat. Diamond Ortiz)

Do Me Like That (feat. Moniquea)

XL Middleton - Tap Water (CD)
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Record Label: Mofunk Records

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"Tap Water" is XL Middleton's first full-length LP in the modern funk mode. As with his previous single releases such as "Keep It Funkin" & "Press Play" (with Zackey Force Funk & Eddy Funkster), Middleton seeks to continue building on the links between 80's boogie funk & 90's g-funk, drawing heavily from both wells to create a fresh new sound that pays homage to its blueprints while continuing to progress and innovate at the same time.

For the most part, the songs on "Tap Water" avoid the instrumental-only ethos of much of today's funk, instead opting for more traditional song structures, resulting in music with easily relatable content. Whether it's a love song ("I'm Ready"), a lust song ("Psychic"), speaking out on the disposable, trend-obsessed culture of the modern day ("Do Me Like That"), or simply declaring his funk dominance ("Bumpin'"), "Tap Water" is a well-rounded album designed to appeal to anyone from the most discerning funkologist to the more casual purveyor of all things on the one.