Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog - Kinison (LP - White Vinyl)


Fresh off his debut LP, which Rolling Stone named one of the 40 Best Rap Records of 2014, Coney Island enigma Your Old Droog has returned with the 11-song Kinison EP. Though keeping true to the moody, clouded, sample-based boom-bap of frequent collaborators DJ Skizz, El RTNC and Marco Polo, Kinison has a vague "rock" theme, with Droog name-checking Alternative Nation acts like he's Matt Pinfield.

Blood (Prod. By El RTNC)

Porno For Pyros (Prod. by DJ Skizz)

Sonic Youth (Prod. By Marco Polo)

Homicide (Prod. By El RTNC)

Rage Against The Machine (Prod. By El RTNC)

Freeway Fire (Prod. By El RTNC)

Gentrify My Hood (Prod. By DJ Skizz)

Sasquatch In A UFO (Prod. By DJ Skizz)

Get The Paper (Prod. By El RTNC)

Mule Juice/Outro (Prod. By DJ Skizz)