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Scrolls / Paloma Parfry - After LA (CD + Book)

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After L.A.’ is a lifetime as a moment. Not just a collection, but a consideration of what it means for an artist to have grown up, lashed out, and re-nested all within the extremely wide borders of Los Angeles. Paloma Parfrey’s ethos is immersed in LA history, both of the book smarts sort and the personally experienced. To some she is known as a chef. Others a radical diva. The majority of strangers in LA probably know her as the person always checking out 15 books simultaneously at the library. ‘After L.A.’ pulls together all these things in the form of both a book and an album equal parts intertwined and standing on their own; much like the strange way the diversities of LA life and history work together.

Paloma Parfrey has been writing and performing poetry around LA since she was 13. Her band, The Sharp Ease, was an integral part of the L.A. DIY punk scene throughout the 00s. Her bandmate for the CD portion of this release is Brian Miller who performed in True Neutral Crew and the drum and voice quartet Foot Village and now records music for film and tv. Together they are Scrolls.