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DJ Vadim & Jman - Likkle More (CD)

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• New LP from Ninja Tune and BBE affiliated DJ Vadim. 
• Featurings Sr Wilson, Shanty B, Daddy Freddy, Lasai, Carey James, Maddy.. 
• DJ Vadim is a name that rings bells in many different corners of the music industry, thanks to over 20 years in the game and a deft touch behind the boards. He cut his teeth in the world of alternative hip hop, collaborating with a diverse range of artists from El-P and Slug, to Skinnyman and Blade. 
• Vadim quickly branched out into other genres and now has a healthy reputation for his mastery of dub and reggae, thanks in part to his three volume Dubcatcher series which featured various luminaries from across the scene.

Seizing on the success and popularity of their previous collaborations including three tracks on Vadim’s Dubcatcher, Likkle More feels like the natural progression for two artists who have worked and travelled the world together. The title is a Jamaican slang for "I’ll see you later" ("Mi see yuh Likkle more") which is quite apt because this album feels like a journey beginning, something to which one will come back to. 
Working under the title J&V, the duo have been in the studio to focus their combined talents into one solid project, which acts as the perfect showcase for their respective skills on the mic and behind the boards. 
The result of this union is a brilliantly constructed album that fuses elements of Reggae, Jazz, Dub, Hip hop and Jungle into perfection. The two main players are joined along the way by various supporting stars including amazing features from the likes of ragga lagend Daddy Freddy, upcoming singjay and Jamaican soap opera star Shanty B, Lasai from Legal Shot, OBF host Sr. Wilson and award winning vocalist Maddy. 
Likkle More is set for a summer release where it will provide the ideal soundtrack for those warm days and balmy nights!

Good Old Days (feat. Lasai)

Upright (feat. Lasai)

Bun My Weed (feat. Lasai)

War In The Streets (feat. Sr. Wilson)

I Was Like

Heart Attack (feat. Lasai)

Bad Like This (feat. Shanty B)

Humble (feat. Lasai, Daddy Freddy & Carey James)

Militant (feat. Lasai)

Everything Bless (feat. Maddy)

Likkle More


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