Track List

The Show

Funny Money

Time Is Right

Engine Running (feat. Consequence)

Over The Counter

The Function (feat. Strong Arm Steady)

Happy Home (feat. Candice Anderson)

Soul Music (feat. Res)

What Can I Do?

Talib Kweli & Madlib - Liberation (LP)
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Record Label: Blacksmith

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Talk of LIBERATION began to circulate around the industry after Kweli posted a short but significant blog about it on his Myspace page back in September of 2006 along with the first release from the album, "Funny Money". Since then, Kweli and Madlib fans flooded messageboards and blog pages, anxious for the impending release.

With both halves known to have been members of some of the best collaborations in hip hop, the expectations for this project were, in effect, set far above the bar. When the 9-track project hit the web on January 1st, it was evident from the buzz and press reviews that these two masters of music delivered to everyone's approval. The cohesion of Kweli's sharp, quick spitting lyrics and Madlib's progressive beat production made for a much sought after product. Since then, Blacksmith has disabled the free download and is making LIBERATION available for purchase.