CQQL Records

Mat/ Matix - 850 (Album)(Digital)

For his third full-length release, Matt Emonson (aka Mat/Matix) has remixed and mastered a tape of his 2013-2016 creations dubbed ‘850,’ an ode to his 1997 Volvo station wagon. Moved by Larry Heard’s Sceneries Not Songs Vol. 1-2, Emonson has painted his own aural landscape including batches of uptempo synth funk, street soul, g-funk, and jazzy house. Toiled over for many years, this instrumental album is the sound of a young producer discovering their unique darkened west-coast sound. In ’Mountain Mist,’ a wall of drum breaks and synths give way to a soulful guitar solo. ‘Loons’ takes a swing groove through dusty layers of classic 12 bit samples. ‘Robertson’s Jam’ is a dance floor workout of digital synth textures reminiscent of a midnight drive through the city. 850 is a nostalgic 40-minute journey to bump in the car, feel on a pair of headphones, or jam at a house party. Choose your own path.