Body Bag Productions

Body Bag Ben, ETO - INTEGRITY 2 (Digital Album)

Integrity 2 Oxnard Producer/Emcee Body Bag Ben is back! This time he links back up with Rochesters New York’s finest Producer/ Emcee Eto for the sequel to there 2019 release Integrity with Integrity 2. This is a no holds bard King Kong vs Godzilla 10 track showdown that sounds and feels like a nuclear explosion going off in your speakers. “It’s only right me and my brother run it back again” says Ben as he continues to show and prove amongst the underground ranks. The album creeps in with the track “Pro’s & Con’s” and sets the tone for the whole album. Eto effortlessly splashes over the melodic chords and drums orchestrated by Ben with his street wise meticulously woven narratives. Ben then rattles off a head nodding hook that runs right into his verse and you get the sense of where the record is headed! Integrity 2 is full of highlights that are crafted with distinctive intention. Ben lays out the perfect blueprint for Himself and Eto to bring the sequel to life. As if the 2 titans joining forces weren’t enough they called the banners of 2 other lyrical assassins with the likes of the Buffalo New York heavy hitter Rick Hyde (Black Soprano Family) and Toronto Canadas top tier emcee Daniel Son. The features add even more flavor to your ears after Ben and Eto already set the table for this repeated audio beat down!! Integrity 2 will be available on all DSP’s Friday October 6th via Fatbeats Records with a exclusive vinyl release to follow.