Deathbomb Arc

Ed Balloon - I Hate It Here (Digital)


Channeling the very breath of the cosmos, Ed Balloon sings with more then a simple passion. Ed Balloon evokes an experience of life that is visceral and real, transcending the notes he hits and words he sings. Perhaps it is in his unique cadence. Or maybe it is his incredibly wise choice of back up band, that never settles for production mimicking the norm. Composition and arrangement choices are so forward thinking that these tracks almost feel sci-fi, if it weren't for how grounded in the Now they are.

Whatever the case may be, we can all relate to Ed Balloon when he proclaims 'I Hate It Here'. We may be stuck in 2020, but we are ready for a better future. 

'I Hate It Here' is the first official Ed Balloon release since his debut 'The Dubs' (Deathbomb Arc). Ed Balloon also appeared on the clipping. album 'There Existed an Addiction to Blood' (Sub Pop)