Deathbomb Arc

White Boy Scream - Remains (Digital EP)

Deathbomb Arc is proud to unearth White Boy Scream aka Micaela Tobin's
album 'Remains' (2018), previously only available on a limited run
cassette. Both a trained opera singer & composer and highly involved
in the experimental scenes of DIY Los Angeles, Tobin composes works
that feel like no other, bridging antagonistic noise sounds with the
traditional world of opera. Her most recent album 'BAKUNAWA' was
adapted into a short film thanks to the sponsorship of The Red Cat /
Disney of all unlikely places. She is a frequent collaborator with
Pulitzer Prize winning composer Raven Chacon and has worked with
artists such as Clipping. (Sub Pop), Fire-Toolz (Hausu Mountain), and
Cristopher Cichocki. Tobin has performed all over the world from small
warehouse venues to large museums and even at the Coachella Music &
Arts Festival.