MEGATRON Bronx/Slice Of Spice

A.G. - The Taste Of AMBrosia (Digital)


Features production by Lord Finesse, Alchemist, Diamond D, Ahmed, Ray West and MORE! Guest vocals by Diamond D, A Bless, Thirstin Howl The 3rd and MORE! 5 BONUS TRACKS.

A.G. returns with all-start cast, featuring the likes of Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Alchemist and more. For this album, he’s on his a-game, from beginning to end. Touching on topics from the hip hop biz, street tales and political hypocrisy. The Taste Of AMBrosia is a full meal serving for mature rap devotees who’ve grown tired of contemporary rhymesayer laziness. Joined by guests including Diamond D, A-Bless and Thirstin Howl III, A.G. backs up his claim that he is ill enough to paint his own portrait, and illustrates and vision of rap immortality that hardcore heads and fellow legacy MCs alike can worship eternally.