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Body Bag Ben - A Vulgar Display Ep. 2 (Album) (Digital)


Body Bag Ben is back on his bully-rap sh*t with Vulgar Display (Episode 2), a sequel that takes the raw and grimy foundation of the original and pulls it even deeper into the gutter. And for the rapper/producer, it’s exactly what he wanted to create for himself and for his fans, who have come to expect this level of no-holds-barred hip-hop from the Oxnard, Calif.-based artist.

“It’s a continuous onslaught of beats and rhymes,” Ben says about the ten track album that bursts out of the gates with the creeping “Vulgar Display (Intro)” and never lets up. “The Upperhand” hits like a one-two punch to the face, while “Hiroshima” sounds like a blend of sci-fi and horror in the best possible way. The latter also has some wild rhymes from Ben, including “C-4 under the trenchcoat, you hear the timebomb tickin’ ‘till the collarbone drippin’/ Take my shot, Robert Horry flex/ Robbed ‘em of their glory when they flurried up the hornets nest.”

Other highlights include “For The Fame,” which features award-winning vocalist Kobe Honeycutt. You may know him for his work on Eminem’s “Talkin’ 2 Myself” and “Die Alone,” and he absolutely shines alongside Ben here for the album’s focus track. And then there’s “Till The Casket Drops,” an absolute haymaker of a track with neck-snapping production.

Vulgar Display (Episode 2) is yet another reminder that Body Bag Ben is one of the illest out right now. He’s been on an absolute tear since 2020 with solo releases and collaborative projects, and it’s looking like he’s not about to slow down. Ben’s time is now; it’s up to y’all to catch up.