CQQL Records

Boy Dude/Mickey de Grand IV - Geraldine (Digital)


RELEASE DATE 07/30/2021

CQQL Records out of Los Angeles is primed to launch with a split 7" featuring Boy Dude and Mickey de Grand IV: two effortlessly smooth blissed-out AOR cuts, an homage to the warmth and comfort of AM radio. “Cosmic Lines” from Boy Dude, the luscious and luminous standout single from his LP “Cassette For You” is a fan favorite just dying for a single release on 7”. “Geraldine” by Miami-native Mickey de Grand IV is a deep and soulful new production from the Psychic Mirrors and Amnisia label-head: a smoothed-out ballad drenched in reverberating rhythms with equal elements of yacht rock/AOR, boogie-funk and wavy synth-jazz. BOY DUDE Multi-instrumentalist and Music Producer Jordan Chini armed with an array of guitars, basses, drum machines, and vintage synths has fused the spirit of lo-fi songwriting and psychedelia with the aesthetics of experimental funk and sound under the guise “BOY DUDE”. Sculpted using peculiar studio techniques, BOY DUDE music is mixed and rendered through a Tascam Portastudio 4 track recorder, granting the album a warm and classic tape compression vibe. As a result, there is a distinct mood and atmosphere to his music, which traverses seamlessly through many eras and styles of music, without any specific destination in mind. Mickey de Grand IV Mickey de Grand IV is a Cuban-American composer and producer from Miami, FL.
In the late 1990s, he began to play in punk bands and toured the Southeast. He found his lifelong interest in composing and arranging for orchestra in high school, leading him to study Orchestral Composition and Arrangement with a concentration in Schoenberg’s Serial theory of Music and Riemanian Theory of Music at City College of New York. Following his formal training, Mickey founded the label Cosmic Chronic, where he began cutting records under several project names. Mickey started the band Psychic Mirrors in 2010, ultimately gaining the attention of Peoples Potential Unlimited and Red Bull Music Academy (where Mickey spent October 2014 participating in RBMA Tokyo). Notable releases include I Come For Your Love (2011), Charlene (2013), and LP Nature of Evil (2016). Psychic Mirrors have toured the U.S, Canada and Europe, growing a loyal following with their modern Caribbean sound. Following the release of Psychic Mirrors’ debut LP, Mickey began producing tracks for artists such as SZA, ABRA and Denzel Curry, serving as Executive producer on Curry’s critically acclaimed TA13OO (2018). He also composes for film and television, with his music appearing on HBO, ESPN, PBS, ViceTV, and others. Most recently, Mickey has started a new label called Amnisia. Its first project is the second LP from Psychic Mirrors—Ophilia—released on July 2nd, 2021