Hobo Camp

Boy Dude - You Make It Strange (Digital)


The brand new single "You Make It Strange" from BOY DUDE, a warped and mellow ballad, that praises and exalts off-kilter love bliss...the most RnB-ish jam from BOY DUDE to date. 

Multi-instrumentalist and Music Producer Jordan Chini armed with an array of guitars, basses, drum machines, and vintage synths has fused the spirit of lo-fi songwriting and psychedelia with the aesthetics of experimental funk and soul under his brand-new guise “ BOY DUDE”.  Sculpted using peculiar studio techniques, BOY DUDE music is mixed and rendered through a Tascam Portastudio 4 track recorder, granting the album a warm and classic tape compression vibe.  As a result, there is a distinct mood and atmosphere to his music, which traverses seamlessly through many eras and styles of music, without any specific destination in mind.