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Canibus - Kaiju (Album) (Digital)


Regarded as one of The Source Magazine's Greatest Lyricists of ALL-TIME, Canibus returns with his triumphant follow-up to 2015's "Time Flys, Life Dies...Phoenix Rise" produced by Bronze Nazareth and featuring the likes of Raekwon, Pete Rock, Kurupt, Killah Priest, Craig G and more with the December 10, 2021 release of "Kaiju" via Fat Beats.  

"Kaiju" is produced by BodyBag Ben and features the late DMX and MF DOOM alongside Kool Keith, Hus Kingpin and Canibus protege Born Sun.

Designed By: Thomas Smith

Featuring DMX, MF Doom, Hus Kingpin, Kool Keith & Born Sun

Produced By BodyBag Ben