Career Crooks - Thieving As Long As I’m Breathing (Cassette)

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Since receiving critical acclaim for their debut LP Good Luck With That, an album which was praised for the duo’s classic east coast touch, and secured a spot on Bandcamp’s 10 Best New Hip Hop Releases of 2017, Career Crooks (producer Small Professor and rapper Zilla Rocca) are back to prove that no idea is original. The two have kept busy throughout 2017, not only performing alongside Busdriver, Billy Woods, Quelle Chris, Elucid, and B Dolan, and releasing their LP, but also gearing up for their new air tight collection of remixes, titled Thieving As Long As I’m Breathing.

The new single “Crook With a Deal”, is a reworking of the 50 Cent and Mad Rapper classic “How to Rob”, targeting indie rappers like Open Mike Eagle and Run The Jewels. The album also features five in-house remixes from Small Pro and Zilla Rocca, draped in styles inspired by the likes of DITC and the Beastie Boys. Canadian MPC champ FreshKils also makes an appearance and flips the fan favorite “Steve Martin” into a soundtrack for a car chase outside a Chemical Brothers show. Other remix features include DJ Manipulator, Willy, Shane Great, Rolled Gold Beats, and John Morrison.

The twelve track LP moves as fast as a cat with its tail on fire and maintains its own vibe while paying homage to that which has come before it. The group’s primary sound encompasses “…raw ‘90s flows while still maintaining a modern edge.” (Philip Mylnar, Bandcamp.com)

Escapism 2.0

Crook With A Deal

Least Important Most Important (Trapped In The 90’s Mix)

Corrupt Novelist (SP’s Revenge Mix)

Career Crooks Theme (Dario Mix)

Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil (Interlude)

Newlywed (Zilla Rocca Grand Royal Remix)

Angel Dust (John Morrison’s Love Boat Mix)

Steve Martin (Fresh Kils Roxanne Mix)

Clock’s Ticking (Wino Willy x Rolled Gold Remix)

Crook With A Deal (Shane Great RMX)

Cold Ten Thousand (Manipulator Remix)