Hobo Camp

Dj Inform - Beats From the Box (Digital)

DJ Inform, aka Bernie Fishman, relocated to California from Ohio in 2010, DJ’ing and digging for records along the way and continuing what has been a lifelong passion for discovering music. This passion for digging eventually led to the opening of Beat Box Records, one of the best used record stores in all of San Diego county, and the home of nearly every notable SD DJs ammunition. Inform’s love of Boogie Funk, Disco Rap, and Crossover Soul encouraged him to bust out this epic 60 minutes tape featuring gems from his digging expeditions...arguably the best mix we’ve done yet here at Hobo Camp from a track selection and DJ skill point of view, as Inform got especially nice with his cuts, mixes and blends to create a timeless audio archive of late 70s and early 80s club sounds. A tracklist for the inquisitive is included on the interior of the tape JCard…we guarantee there’ll be a few in there to discover for even the deepest heads.