Black House Records

Harbor Kidz (Jamil Honesty x Squeegie Oblong) - Harbor Kidz (Album) (Digital)


Harbor Kidz is a collective hailing from out of the forgotten borough Staten Island NY. The first areas you think of usually are Stapleton and Park Hill for obvious reasons . Salute to those two historical neighborhoods that gave us the WU TANG CLAN .  While paying homage to the supergroup this time around  Jamil Honesty x Squeegie Oblong aka Harbor Kidz want to bring attention to where they grew up  Mariners Harbor projects thus you get the name Harbor kids the two emcees give some chilling stories along with raw lyricism and production . The self-titled Lp "Harbor Kidz '' features Supreme Cerebral, Josiah The Gift , Substance810, Doza The drum dealer , Sickinthehead , Sean Links and Dj Grazzhoppa . Production from Jamil Honesty , Whiskey Man , Blaq Knight , 88 Blessed just to name a few.