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J Scienide - Kaput!!! (Album)(Digital)


Kaput!!! Is the latest offering from emcee/producer J Scienide. After dropping the stellar albums “Stray From the Pack” where he split production duties with Kev Brown and “Enough To Plague A Saint” with Body Bag Ben. J steps back behind the boards and mic to drop his first project of 2022.

“I pretty much dug for records and wrote the majority of the album while sitting on park benches in NYC seeing the ppl walk buy, watching documentaries, and listening to whatever came up in my iTunes or the turntable. The cold, gloomy, and harshness of last winter just took my creativity to another place and I just ran with that and showcased it with this album.” I think I created something a little different not your normal but, a glimpse into my world.