Joel Sarakula

Joel Sarakula - Pacifico Waves (Digital EP)


On his new single “Pacifico Waves”, Joel Sarakula takes the scenic route down a pacific coastline, searching for peace, enlightenment and the perfect sunset.

Travelling and searching is nothing new to Sarakula: it's almost his default way of being. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia before swapping oceans to live in the UK and more recently onwards to Gran Canaria: "I've been busy making my islands smaller" he jokes. But the music on “Pacifico Waves” sounds like none of these places: with its easy drum shuffle, soulful guitar hooks and smooth vocal harmonies it distinctly evokes Southern California. It's such a potent portrait of the West Coast that if not for the contemporary lyrics and some modern production techniques, it could be a long lost hit from an early 80s LA studio band.

“Pacifico Waves” is ultimately about memory, fantasy and the powerful emotion of reminiscing when Sarakula sings 'The sound of the ocean gets me so high, helps me remember what I left behind'.