Insect Records

Kinder - VHS (Digital)


The newest record from Texas producer Kinder, “VHS”, is time trip between sonic revolution and analog activism. The album was recorded between March 14th and June 18th of 2020. Filled with stretched out instrumental beats that go from Hip-Hop to House to drum-less collages of beauty. And Satie gets the nod.

We asked him a few questions and also what people should expect from his third LP with iNSECT and 2nd this year;

“Not really sure what to say about it but, I had a ton of spare time after getting laid off due to Covid and had just gotten the MV8800 which allowed me to completely change my work flow by sequencing out of the box. Plus, I’d just been farting around with public domain videos and it was fun to just edit videos and soundtrack them. This is my “VHS” beat tape.”

Born and age? Austin, TX. 33

“The Austin electronic scene and my peers in it. The LA scene. Vinyl/cassette collecting. BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Art theory. All my books.

Equipment You Used on this record?
“Space echo 201, Alpha Juno 2, Crumar Performer, MS2000, CP30, BassStation2, MG1, EPS16+, various casios and Yamaha psr keys... live percussion/tape players.”

Why San Marcos, TX?
“It’s nice and slow. Plus, the river and if you don’t have a car it’s very bike-able.

Track List

  1. I Should Wait
  2. Secret Life of Pets
  3. Lose Me
  4. Thursday Blues
  5. What Did You Do?
  6. Windchimes (Ant Bites)
  7. ??? feat. Zone of Truth
  8. K033 Slap (Positive Energy)
  9. New Stain
  10. Last Laugh
  11. Luck
  12. Clouds
  13. Heartache
  14. Right Now
  15. Whatever Works
  16. Gymnopedie No. 1