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Kool Keith Presents: Tashan Dorrsett - The Preacher (CD)

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The Majestic Mic Marauder known as Kool Keith shape shifts into a new persona as he blesses his cosmic congregation with intergalactic gems on a brand new sonic document called “Tashan Dorrsett/The Preacher.” Audio Adventurer, Junkaz Lou, supplies the sci-fi musical backdrop for this new chapter in the life of Hip Hop’s funky extraterrestrial, so you already know you’re in good hands. Now prepare to project your soul into the astral plane and always remember…”Beyonce’s mom, She’s the bomb!”

Let Me Breath


Do You Wanna Ride?


The Preacher

Touch Her

Basquiat Ft. Big Sche, Mic Handz & Dane Uno

Referee Ft. Dane Uno

Let Me Breath Instrumental

Spanked Instrumental

Do You Wanna Ride? Instrumental

V.I.P Instrumental

The Preacher Instrumental

Touch Her Instrumental

Basquiat Instrumental

Referee Instrumental