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Kovacs The Hun - Mirror World (LP)

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The Content Label presents an evocative album titled Mirror World by Budapest based beat-maker Kovacs the Hun. Born Nándor Kürtössy in northern Hungary, Kovacs is known for his groundbreaking album Five Finger Discount under the name Savages, and his involvement with the musical project Savages y Suefo.

Mirror World features a sonic palette of hip hop, jazz, and eerie soundtracks mixed colorfully with experimental treatments and traditional musical influences. Mirror World reflects all of Kovacs’ fascinations — sounds and genres coming together on a collective surface.

At times, Mirror World resembles chamber jazz — or, perhaps, ‘free jazz’ — with brushed drums, lurking horns, and cunning keys providing the backbone. Flavored drops of percussion, turntable scratches, or rhythm hints at contemporary roots, but Kovacs presents something that is outside-of-time. He stretches out on the instrumental tracks, displaying moods that move freely from ominous to reassuring. Guest artists add to this bubbling concoction. World-renowned Saxophonist András Wahorn adds instrumentation to the creeping strut of “Manimals” and “Glimpse of Hope”; The Audible One drops quotable verses on “Phoney”; guitarist Márton Sütő plays spacious guitar on the worldly “The Countdown”; and the Minnesota based poets & activists, Guante and See More Perspective inject social commentary into “Long March.”

Kovacs’ Mirror World is a distinctive statement, not sounding quite like anything else. The album’s ten tracks, impeccably produced and musically proficient, are an adventure in listening. Embark now on a sonic journey.


  1. Grave New World 
  2. Manimals (Feat. András Wahorn) 
  3. Phoney (Feat. The Audible One) 
  4. The Prime Impulse 
  5. Glimpse Of Hope (Feat. András Wahorn) 
  6. Broken Lands view 
  7. The Countdown (Feat. Márton Sütő) 
  8. Heads Off 
  9. Long March (Feat. Guante and See More Perspective) 
  10. New Dawn Comes

Grave New World

Manimals (Feat. András Wahorn)

Phoney (Feat. The Audible One)

The Prime Impulse

Glimpse Of Hope (Feat. András Wahorn)

Broken Lands view

The Countdown (Feat. Márton Sütő)

Heads Off

Long March (Feat. Guante and See More Perspective)

New Dawn Comes

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