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Libretto & BusCrates - Eternal Ridin' (2xLP)

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No pretense, just skills. The duo of Libretto & Buscrates represent a convergence of emcee and production mastery. They are students of Hip-Hop and are thoroughly committed to both its preservation and progression. Their new masterpiece, "Eternal Ridin'" fully and uncompromisingly represents Hip-Hop in its purest form, while updating the sound and pushing the culture forward. 

Eternal Ridin' is a true LP. From "Sentences" with its vivid 1st hand description of life in federal prison, to "Stuck in Time" which details a love and connection to music, every song has its place, and every song tells its own story. Yet, there is an overarching theme, one of redemption and standing strong in the face the struggle. The struggle that is universally understood, and the unique struggle of what it means to be oppressed in America. 

Libretto brings a veteran's presence to each song, approaching every track with a unique flow and cadence. Buscrates' production provides full sonic soundscapes flavored with virtuoso touches that only become apparent upon repeated listens. By pairing undeniably raw raps with refined song composition and production expertise, "Eternal Ridin'" provides one of the freshest examples of rap music's enduring power as an art form.

Eternal Ridin'

(When The) Music Is On

Sentences ft. Vic Spencer

Free ft. CEG

The Struggle ft. Vursatyl

Lyte'Cha ft. Ke Turner


Stuck in Time ft. Rich Hunter & CEG


Rappas ft. Vic Spencer 03:32

Wares ft. Dcokah