Sunflower Soul Records

Los Santos Caballeros - The Chase b/w The Walk (Digital)


Sunflower Soul Records is proud to present the debut single from Los Santos Caballeros, a project that has literally been years in the making.

The selections on this two-sider are from the larger soundtrack of the fictional film “Chico Is The Man”, a strictly-studio brainchild brought to life by the Groove King production team of Branden Moser and Cole Bales, and later mixed by Chris Hazelton.

“The Chase” is an uptempo dancer packed with wah-wah guitars, latin percussion, and punchy horns. On the flip, “The Walk” is a decidedly darker groover, complete with a spaced-out breakdown in the middle and repetitious lines just itching to be sampled. Packaged in a beautiful full-color folder, this 45 is sure to be a mainstay in many a DJ bag!