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Motorized - Just Drive (Digital)

Like a pristinely built vehicle, mechanized and equipped with raw electronic instruments, the “Just Drive” EP by Helsinki, Finland based duo Motorized properly handles the city streets. A follow up to their debut release, “Test Drive EP, this new release has a unique emphasis on rhythm and bass unlike any former funk release, combining slick modern funk production, afro-brazilian rhythms, freestyle/electro drum feels with straight-up funk grooves and undertones of pseudo-tropicalia.

Side A sets the tone with the "Just Drive (Tropical Mix)", aligning rhythmic patterns that rise up like a warming engine gradually building up tension and heat. The next track, "Shimmering (Soaked Up Mix)" is syncopated funk imagined as a quirky broken beat tune, and the A side is closed out by the sledge-hammering funk of "Route 4 (Motorized Mix)".

Side B jams the pace a bit faster on "Amiga (Popcorn Mix)” which captures the vibe of classic Amiga racing games, cruising through checkpoints lined by endless rows of trees, as the roadsides swish by. The last track, "Cachoeira (Mineral Mix)" harnesses the tranquil yet playful nature of waterfalls as inspiration, a soothing end to the EP.