Fat Beats Records

Mr. Green - Gucci Ninja Assassins 2: In the Metal Garden of Fire (Digital)

The third record from “The Legend of the Ninja Star” series which is loosely based around 1980s bootleg ninja movies.  The a-side is a rap / heavy metal song produced by Mr. Green featuring Gucci Mane and the new band Garden of Fire.  The song is entitled “Gucci Ninja Assassins 2: In The Metal Garden of Fire” and the songs instrumental and drums are also included.   The b-side is the third collection from the music library, which essentially is a collection of original compositions that are very unique and modern, yet vintage and everlasting.  is a music library and art collective, not much information is known about them but they have worked with a wide variety of artists like Westside Gunn, Lee Scratch Perry, Mr. Green and more.