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NOLAN, Nolan The Ninja - TALK SOON (Digital)


Over the last five years, Detroit hip hop artist & producer Nolan Chapman, popularly known as Nolan The Ninja, has carved out a lane for himself by working relentlessly and taking things as they come.

This has led to the release of multiple solo albums via DJ Soko’s Left of Center imprint, a steady stream of beat tapes and production credits as well as numerous show dates. Even with the success, Chapman knows the longevity and overall success of an artist is often determined by their ability to grow and change with the times. As one of Detroit’s sharpest lyricists, that has meant producing more, playing around with new sounds, and changing his approach on the mic.

With new projects on the way, NOLAN is ready to bring something different to the table. Known for a ferocious cadence, grimy beats, and a deep respect for all things 90s, Nolan isn’t getting rid of that part of his identity. He’s adding to it. The next chapter will feature cleaner, more precise sounding beats that are stripped down to the foundation of hip hop production.

Lyrically, Nolan is moving away from songs packed full of bars. Instead, there is space and room to breathe within them as he plays around with different styles and deliveries.

Track List

  1. GLOW
  2. LAH
  4. RAP SH*T
  5. CC
  7. GO’HEAD
  8. COOK
  9. HI
  10. HEALTH
  11. TICK
  12. GRANT
  13. PSA (BONUS)
  14. 1, 2 (OFF TOP - BONUS)