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Noveliss & Dixon Hill - Empty: Book of Changes (Instrumental) (Digital)

Creating the music for 'Book of Changes' was an endeavor as creative as it was spiritual. Multi-Instrumentalist and hip-hop auteur, Dixon Hill combined field recordings, dusty samples, and live instruments to create the sonic palette for 'Book of Changes,’ his critically acclaimed debut collaboration with Detroit Rapper Noveliss (of Clear Soul Forces).

This latest release, Empty: The 'Book of Changes' Instrumentals, is the untouched version of what he provided Noveliss for the original album. Each track blends seamlessly into the next for a cohesive listening experience echoing the isolation and beauty found in the natural landscape where the music was recorded.

Dixon Hill completed the album in a remote desert cabin, locked away from any distraction. Each track is blended with field recordings from the surrounding area, forever connecting the album to the secrets of its origin and seat in time and space. Pour some tea and enjoy some ethereal boom-bap.