Chinese Man Records

Odd Holiday, Mattic, Daylight Robbery! - L.I.S.A. (Digital Album)


Odd Holiday are purveyors of a rare breed of hip-hop, both anchored in golden-era lyrical dextrousness and aligned to the contemporary movement of minimal soulful production. Their music is deeply emotive, seasoned, and undeniable.

L.I.S.A. is the debut release by the semi-nomadic duo consisting of Mattic, a Charlotte NC native currently residing in France and producer Daylight Robbery! who has one foot in the burgeoning jazz scene of London, UK and the other in the boom bap foundation of Brooklyn, NY.

L.I.S.A. represents the meeting of two forces who are at the top of their game and supremely comfortable in their craft, merging into something which feels both timeless and brand new. The project sees Mattic engaging with the altering world around us in the wake of global upheaval with a lazy laid back simple but puzzling pen accompanied with his ghost package of delays, effects and skits.

Producer Daylight Robbery!, fresh off the back of his debut solo release Moons of Jupiter on Melting Pot Music, provides backdrops which are rooted by a crate-diggers ear with minimal intervention to maximum stirring effect with limitless range.

ODD HOLIDAY represent the ŌFFKILTR circle; both members also form part of the collective Clouds in a Headlock who dropped their psychedelic art rap debut on Fat Beats / CMR in late 2022.