Track List

The Oort Cloud

Gamma Ray Bursts

The Gate At Quasar Z-131

Coma Cluster

Spooky Action at a Distance

Unstable Pulsar


Escape From Centaurus

The Girl From Andromeda

Odin’s Galaxy

Outer Space - Chase Across Orion (CD)
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Record Label: Tucxone Records

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Outer Space is a Catalan septet formed in Barcelona in 2014. A project born fruit of a mixture personnel between African styles like Afrobeat, the Afrosoul or EthioJazz, and funk rhythms standard rhythms of the sixties. An explosive cocktail that will be invited to travel with the mind and delve into outer space through a repertoire of original instrumentals with an obvious mantra approach that puts outer space near the orbit of Fela Kuti, the Budos Band or Mulatu Astatke.

‘Chase Across Orion’ offers a repertoire of songs that evoke spatial landscapes and environments of science fiction. most of its members have been trained in the dark cellars of Jazz and admit that the advantage of making instrumental music is that it gives wings to the imagination to fly and paint fantastic scenery. An album cooked analogically studies Tucxone Records, fresh, natural and frenzied percussion enshrining strength and rawness of the sound of the ‘60s.