Hobo Camp

Panavision - Time Raft (Digital)

Blue pearl sky, golden sand, industrial particulate solution like an LA sunset surround a titanium hover bike speeding along the dusty horizon, silhouetted against an off-world sunset where nature and machine capture each other in a temporary spiral dance. Time Raft from Panavision is a soundtrack to an imagined future, from the past. Channeling its influences, part melody talisman blessed by the sorcery of Dan Judd (aka Sorcerer) and fused to a bottle of fine Chablis with sticky strips of Luke Vibert’s beard, one could almost hear the clear punchy thwack of an Oberheim DX on an early 80’s Whispers track in the distance, surrounded by optimistic synthesized chords, expansive and reminiscent of a Future World Orchestra number. This is the vision of a crying civilization.