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Scott Thiessen - An Indifferent Sea (Digital Album)

Returning with his second solo album, Scott Thiessen continues to explore the space where ambient and country coexist, showing this is an ever-expanding horizon. The lonesome cowboy sound of his previous release, 'TOY', plays a crucial part in the new 'An Indifferent Sea' as well, but here is a starting point for surprising routes through pop melodies, clattering rhythms, and most importantly, balladeer vocals. These elements never dominate though, carried in on an ocean swell and then leaving again just as mysteriously, creating a sense of songs almost heard. Creating what the artist calls his version of a surf record. Not one that sounds like a party on the shore, but one translating the feeling of Thiessen experiences being in the ocean. Where once deserts were seas, here the sea is not yet a desert. 'An Indifferent Sea' is a surf album, cowboy songs, spread as wide as the eons of time it takes for water to turn into land and back again. The resulting record delicately defies category; a true poetry of the West Coast.

Thiessen was a member of the noise rock group rRope. Featuring beats by Back To The Future The Ride. This album was recorded and produced at his home studio in Berkeley, CA.