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The Bongo Hop - Satingarona Part 2 (CD + Poster)

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Two years after his first album, Etienne Sevet aka The Bongo Hop vows to fulfill the expectations born after Satingarona pt 1, in which he’d laid the foundations of his own afro Caribbean « metissage ». This time again, with Satingarona pt 2, the trumpetist hailing from Bordeaux is joined by his friends, Colombian singer Nidia Gongora (Quantic, Ondatropica, Canalon) and french producer Patchworks (Voilaaa, Taggy Matcher), alongside newly met collaborators, like Parisian impromptu MC Greg Frite, Haitian singer Kephny Eliacin, Cindy Pooch and young talent Laurene Pierre-Magnani from his hometown’s underground Caribbean punk scene. New roads and new stories, to a same destination : the land of perpetual dance.