Lechehouse Music

The Los Sundowns - The Los Sundowns (Digital EP)


The Los Sundowns, a breezy record of Psychedelic Soul, conceptualized by Beto Martinez (Grammy-winning Guitarist/Producer - Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Money Chicha) and Daniel Villarreal (Drummer and DJ - Dos Santos). Written, Recorded and Produced by Martinez at his studio Lechehouse Music and featuring a host of friends across the 6 tracks, the reverb-laden platter conjures the sound of Latin American balladeers and crooners like Los Angeles Negros and Los Pasteles Verdes, updating the vibe and transporting the listener to a beachside hang from sunup to sundown.

Track List

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Endless Bummer
  3. Al Final de La Tarde
  4. Darksides
  5. Quiereme
  6. Se Cae El Sol