Track List


Chess King

Fiorucci feat. Dalila Pasotti

The Love Arcade


We Go High feat. Tee Double

I Just Came 2 Dance

Just Between Us feat. Most Golden

Saturday Boogie feat. Basement Freaks

Stand Up Straight feat. Sal P of Liquid Liquid

Feel It

Neon Palms

Up The Down Escalator

Ursula 1000 - Galleria (CD)
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Record Label: Insect Queen Music

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For Ursula 1000’s 7th album, we kick off the proceedings with the sophisti-pop synth funk of the title track “Galleria” featuring slinky fretless bass action from Adam Dorn aka Mocean Worker. 80s Jam & Lewis and Scritti Politti-esque frenetic drums are abound, wrapped in a modern vaporized synthwave world.

“Chess King” picks up the synthetic baton for a relay race jumping syncopated obstacles aiming for that neon drenched finish line.

We flip the script with the jazzy conscious hip hop smokiness of “We Go High” featuring Austin, Texas legend Tee Double. Upright bass and vibes create that jazz room atmosphere as Tee breaks it down trying to make sense of this fractured world we live in and how we can make it right.

Let’s set the clock back for some classic 90s sounding deep garage house with the funky feel good jam “I Just Came 2 Dance”. Shuffling rhythms give it that irresistible jacking motion that makes it impossible to sit still.

Sounding like a feel good soundtrack to a third act finale of a John Hughes movie from the 80’s, “Neon Palms” takes you on a retrofuturistic synthwave ride filled with coming of age teen romance, Trapper Keeper notebooks and neon grids.

We wrap this journey with “UpTheDownEscalator”, shifting the tempo to a slow motion low end space walk that’s heavy on the synth landscape and plucky otherworldly banjo meshing Eastern and Western with your sights to the skies and a better tomorrow.