V/A - The Unseen Breaks (7")

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The Unseen Breaks is a Limited press, 7 inch vinyl experience of Gus Sutherland's "The Unseen - A Detroit Beat Tape", chopped and edited into a classic Detroit break record. Includes bonus production from the producers featured on the soundtrack and in the documentary (Amp Fiddler, Quelle Chris, J Dilla, Dakim, House Shoes, Slautah, Ahk, Hugh Whitaker, & Rafael Statin) curated by TaRaach. From the 1st clip of "Start Recording" to the blaring of the J Dilla Anthem "Ghetto Wish", this 7 inch serves its purpose for any DJ needing to improve their collection.

Start Recordin'

Ghetto Wish (J Dilla)


Whop (Amp Fiddler/Rafael Statin

Right Here


Angels (House Shoes)

No Bias Pt 1 (Hugh Whitaker)


Progression (Amp Fiddler/Rafael Statin)

Get In (Ahk)

Freak Zabar (Quelle Chris)

Justin Kovar Show

Foundation (Slautah)

Get Up Outta Here

DHS (Dakim)

The Unseen Theme (Slautah)


Bonus (Dakim)