Walter Thomas - I Wanna Get Witcha (Digital)

"I Wanna Get Witcha" is a mid tempo love song, playfully serenading a long-time love interest to elevate their friendship into a romantic endeavor. The flirtatious lyrics and sweet plea in Walter’s voice illustrate a flourishing connection between a man and a woman he has known for quite some time.

Walter Thomas wrote and recorded "I Wanna Get Witcha" in North Chicago, Illinois in 1987, and the track was eventually released in the UK by Bay Breeze records on CD in 2000. In 2008, the tune was pressed up as a small run white label promo 7". We were then introduced to this soulful Chicago dance floor starter at the legendary, San Francisco-based dance party Sweater Funk via the deep crates of veteran Selector DJ Kirk. Our reissue is a re-mixed and re-mastered version, accompanied by its previously unreleased instrumental.