Zackey Force Funk - This Is My Force Funk Sound (LP - Picture Disc)

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Zackey Force Funk deserves (and receives) a lot of respect. If he’s not robbing banks with baseball bats and roaming the streets for fat cats to hustle, you can usually find him leaning over the turntables of a dirty dirty late-night discotheque. Take off your kevlar, put down those batons – Zackey Force Funk comes in peace! This time…

This eighteen track album compiles early demos and rarities originally included in DJ KUTMAH’s “This Is The Force Funk Sound” [HNR03] megamix created in Summer 2009. Each song has been digitally remastered for the special release of “THIS IS MY FORCE FUNK SOUND” [HNR73]. Available on limited-edition 12” picture disc in a shrinkwrapped full color cardboard jacket (not screenprinted).



The Split

Zackey’s Style

Toss The Gun

Rumble Park

Electropop Lazerbeams

Her First Jackmove

Force Funk Sound

New World


Crimewave Mommas

Funky Gangster

He Can’t Get With This

Dirty Alley

The Tucson Push


John Carpenter

Love And Cocaine