Slum Village - Fantastic Vol. 2 Instrumentals (3LP + Poster)

Record Label: Ne'Astra Music Group


Fantastic Volume 2, the most highly lauded release from Detroit’s Slum Village, receives its praise largely from the production of the late James Yancey. His subtle yet unforgettable bass lines and unmistakable soulful groove make the production value of Volume 2 yet another feather in the cap of Jay Dee’s career. For the first time ever on 3LP vinyl, Jay Dee’s beats are on full display on Fantastic Volume 2: Instrumentals.
This deluxe package features the entire original tracklisting plus the later released remixes on three pieces of wax, housed in a stunning 6 panel gatefold jacket. The release also included a limited edition 24x24 poster. 

A1: Intro A2: Conant Gardens A3: Climax (Girl Sh**) A4: Jealousy
B1: Hold Tight B2: Tell Me B3: I Don’t Know B4: What It’s All About
C1: Forth And Back C2: Untitled / Fantastic C3: Fall In Love C4: Get Dis Money
D1: Raise It Up D2: Once Upon A Time D3: Players
E1: Eyes Up E2: 2U4U E3: CB4 E4: Go Ladies
F1: Hold Tight (Remix) F2: Forth And Back (Remix) F3: Hustle 

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