Substance Abuse - Background Music (CD)

Record Label: Feed The Peeps Records

“Background Music” marks the long awaited return from one of hip hop’s most revered and critically acclaimed groups, Los Angeles based outfit Substance Abuse. Known for rhymes and beats that evoke what has now come to be known as hip hop’s golden era, Substance Abuse has tracks that will endear modern audiences to a style of music that is consistently yearned for but seldom made. With contributions from legends like Tash of Tha Alkaholiks, KRS-One, Percee P, MC Eiht, Sadat X, and Max Julien (The Mack), Background Music is the album that true fans of the genre have been waiting for.
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. How Many... 
  • 3. Don’t Get Us Wrong feat. Tash of Tha Liks 
  • 4. Paper Tigers feat. Myka Nyne and Percee P 
  • 5. Goon Hand 
  • 6. Young Hollywood 
  • 7. West Los 
  • 8. Burnouts What it Takes 
  • 9. Rear View feat. KRS-One 
  • 10. Crews vs. Gangs feat. Mawnstr
  • 11. Flossin’ feat. MC Eiht
  • 12. Bitches 2 
  • 13. Three Sheets to the Wind feat. Sadat X 
  • 14. Frontrow 
  • 15. Background Music feat. Waes One 
  • 16. The Pretend Man feat. Max Julien 
  • 17. Slow Ya Roll



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