(iN)Sect Records

Black Boot - A Light That Never Dims (Digital EP)


Black Boot is the new group created by Conrad Gonzalez of Brownsville, Texas; now living in the Deschutes National Forest and working as a chef at a resort Lodge. The music is a lightbox telling the sad story of a love gone by. A long memory that won’t fade away with an environment so rich with tension that it itches at your soul. The music reminds us of Bonnie “Prince” Billy hanging with Neil Young on a backroad telling each other stories of their youth.


Also known as electric composer Bestia, this is the first time he’s been in a group and the first time he’s recorded a record of his original live band material. Knowing only what he thought it should sound like. 


On the recordings he said “The whole process was quite Frankenstein-esque. I wrote all the songs and then found musicians I really loved, some old friends, and some literal strangers I contacted over Instagram, to fill in the gaps and get some outside input.”